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Who do you use/recommend as your broker?

By far and beyond Hugosway which you can check out for yourself here:

How do I buy your course?

Firstly, thank you for showing an interest in both becoming a successful trader, and letting me help you achieve that goal. Secondly, Click on either of the two lifetime coaching plans on the home page.

What pairs can I trade your system on?

You can trade any currency pair with the strategy.

How much time do I need to dedicate to trading each day?

This depends upon what style of trader you are or want to be. I have some clients who trade for just a few minutes per week on the Weekly and Daily charts, others trade certain hours during the day on the lower time frame charts. Personally I trade the H4, H1, M30, and M15 charts which takes me less than 30 minutes a day.

I have heard you are keen on good money management, can you explain more?

I believe that good, low risk money management is an essential (yet often overlooked) element in determining your trading success. I trade using the reward:risk theory. I trade with a maximum of 2:1 meaning if I was going for 20 pips, then I'd have a stop loss at 10 pips. You can go 50-25. 100-50. Whatever you prefer. Just don't risk more than you have the potential of making on any given trade.

What broker or trading platform do I need to use?

For setting up your charts I always recommend Tradingview as the standard. If you're extremely strict with your trading and don't mind being limited you can set up your broker on their as well and trade completely from that platform. I prefer the advantages of being off shore and leverage how I choose (Still with proper risk without having to worry about the spreads knocking me out of trades). I use Hugosway as my broker to trade on my MT4 app with via iphone and it would also work on windows and any computer you have.

What makes your course different from the others?

There are many reasons, here are a few:


  • I am a full time Forex trader myself and I created the course myself. This means you are being taught by a real trader, not by a stand up on stage salesman who has never traded before.

  • The live trading room webinars are fantastic. We break down possible trade scenarios without telling you straight up buy or sell here. From experience this allows you to determine what is the best entry point for your style of trading and also determine if you will trade through or around news (I advise sitting out medium/high impact announcements).

  • We make Daily trading suggestions every day which allows you to follow along and “earn while you learn”. We mention the pairs we're trading, the direction, the reasons why we're taking the trades along with my exact outcome of each trade I take.

  • The strategy works regardless of where you live in the world and also regardless of why style of trader you are. Any pair and any time frame chart can be traded.

  • I answer all emails and questions personally as requested. I am based in Florida so if I take a few hours to respond due to time differences it's because I'm in Central time.

  • The strategy is built upon sound, proven technical analysis.

  • You can trade in less than 30 minutes a day. No more watching charts all day long!

If you can make money from trading, why do you teach others?

I enjoy the contact and interaction with other traders. Trading can be a lonely business and I have met and been in contact with some amazing people through my coaching business. I also find that to coach someone I have to know my own course and strategy inside out. Teaching others also helps keep my own trading disciplined.