Like many, I come from a very humble background with a single mother in the lower middle class. Before trading you could say I broadened my horizons from Menard's, Mattress Firm, and Jimmy John's delivery jobs to being a personal trainer at Gold's Gym. 

When I truly dove into learning trading after watching others do it for years, I went about it with the gambler's "get rich quick" mentality the first few months before getting a swift kick in the you know what! Fast forward over 7 years later and I've coached 1500+ students, made multiple 6 figures (LIVE, unlike most of these gurus) and continue to strive to show other's the true ways to succeed long term with this skill set!

If you're serious about learning and aren't afraid of putting in the minimum of 7 hours each week it's going to take your first year to fully grasp this craft, then I'd love to help you! If not... Don't waste your or my time. God bless.